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Booking comedy is in Ross' blood. His dad used to run Chuchill's Comedy Cafe in Southend in the 90's which was one of the first and only alternative comedy venues outside of London at its time. 

In 2002, as part of a business studies project in school, Ross put on his first comedy night at just 14 years old. The night was held at The Empire Theatre in Southend and featured Mickey Flanagan, Greg Burns and Lee Hurst. It was a raging success and paved the way for Ross' career in comedy, opening his first regular comedy club 'Funny Bunny's' at the age of 16 in a popular local nightclub, he began to make a name for himself in the world of booking comedy.

In the years that have past, Ross has set up his own company 'Little Smash Comedy' and has produced shows all over the UK and abroad, including a run of hotel shows in the Middle-East. He has worked with pretty much everyone you could imagine in the industry, including Russell Kane, Mickey Flanagan, Omid Djallili, Jo Brand, Greg Davies, Ed Byrne and lots, lots more.

Little Smash Comedy are now the sole organisers of the annual Southend Comedy Festival, producing over 29 shows across 8 venues in the town. He's booked for corporate clients and charities, golf clubs, music festivals and hotels, right through to pubs, clubs and even schools!


If you'd like to find out more about having comedy at your event or in your venue, please do not hesitate to contact Ross via this website or @ 

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